Henry Clay Senettor for Kentucky

December 29, 1806

On this day, Henry Clay is elected United States Senator for Kentucky. His office lasted from December 29, 1806 till March 4, 1807. He was preceded by John Adair and succeeded by John Pope.


The Papers of Henry Clay, pg. 232

March 22, 1806

The situation in Europe was quite more difficult than expected with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to power, but it somehow played a great role in the relationship between the U.S. and Great Britain. John Breckinridge informed in a letter to Henry Clay that Bonaparte signed a peace treaty with the emperors of Germany and Russia, through the marriage of Eugene Beauharnais and the daughter of the Elector of Bavaria. On December 26th 1805, Napoleon had additionally forced Austria to sign the Treaty of Pressburg, with no attempt to include Great Britain or Russia in the treaty. Breckinridge was convinced that this event would play in favor of the U.S. Government in the difficulties between them and the Royal Crown of England.

The Papers of Henry Clay, pg. 232