A. Edwards to Return Meigs

February 2d 1813.

Govr. Meigs
Since the news reached this of the distruction of the Left wing of the N. W. Army under Winchester, the inhabitance are much alarmed, many families even in this Town are almost on the wing for Kentucky; if the posts at Green Ville are to be abandoned, this place will be a part of the frontier in ten days after, the collection of Indians on our frontier, also, heightens the alarm; I verily believe that if the Indians are not removed from Picqua, the people will raise in a mass and drive then off - I am sorry the second Expedition to Massassinway is given up for the pre- sent, I am confident from very recent information that, Tecumsey is now at Massasinway with upwards of one thousand warriors, he has not been sent there by Proctor, to be an idle spectator of passing events, the frontier and rear of our army I presume, is marked out for him to act on --
Lt. Groves who bears this, and a memorial from the citizens of the Town, can relate to you information received from Colo. Wells, who is immediately from Genl. Harrisons camp &c --
I have just heard the officers of the three Regts. of Militia have been exchanged, but know nothing as respects my situation -
With great respect Your Obt. Hum: Sert.
A. Edwards.

Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society

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