Department of State
Feb. 6, 1813.

   Alien enemies arriving within the limits of the United States from Foreign Countries, are immediately on their arrival, to report themselves to the Marshal of the United States, or to his deputy, for the district within which they may be landed.
   No Alien Enemy can hereafter proceed from a port or place within another district of the same, by land or water, without a Special Passport from the Marshal, or from the Collector of the Customs, as the case may be.
   Alien Enemies permitted to travel from one district of the United States to another district thereof, are forthwith on their arrival to report themselves to the Marshal, to whom they are to exhibit their passports. The Marshals and the Collectors of the Customs of the several Districts of the United States, are particularly charged with the execution of the provisions of this notification.

Published in the Raleigh Register - February 19, 1813.

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