The Chesapeake Blockaded

Feb. 3.

   This port is now effectually blockaded by the enemy's squadron under Admiral Warren. Not a vessel can pass from Hampton Roads, either up or down the bay, without being intercepted, and not a vessel bound from sea can escape capture. Several vessels attempting to go out have been chased back or captured; among those that have returned were, sloops Caty, Maria, Storer, and Hope, Williams, both bound to N. York. Various conjectures are afloat as to the intention of Adm. Warren in (illeg.) into the bay. Some are of opinion that his object is to obtain supplies - others that he meditates an attack upon this town, but the most prevalent opinion (and of which there is no doubt; is that he is aiming to entrap the French squadron (said to be on its way to our country) which will probably make for the Chesapeake. This seems the more certain from this circumstance: The ship Emily, capt. Scott (with a Sidmouth license) from Baltimore bound to Lisbon, was stopped by the squadron and ordered back; this was done no doubt to prevent the French ships from obtaining information of the blockade. It would be difficult to assign any other reason for so extraordinary a measure. 

Published in the Raleigh Register - February 19, 1813

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