Alexandria, July 27

Alexandria, July 27.

A check.-A gentleman who was attached to the militia under Gen. Stewart, arrived in town yesterday and informed that on Sunday the British advanced with one schooner and a number of barges to Cedar Point warehouse, in Charles county, Md. And had commenced removing the tobacco, when they were attacked by a body of men under Gen. Stewart with two six pounders and musquery, and repulsed after seeing fire to the warehouse, without the loss of a man on our side. The enemy fired round shot, shells and rockets; but the militia soon found that they were not so terrible as they had at first supposed, and advanced boldly up to the shore, and made them retreat precipitately and leave their plunder behind. Our informant thinks the enemy suffered considerably, as they had to tow off the schooner, and some shot appeared to hit the barges.
On the 25th instant, Gen. Winder and his suite, with Major Stewart, of the 36th Infantry, visited and surveyed Fort Washington, and the contemplated works on the Warburton Hill, covering that strong position and the river channel, leaving orders to stop all vessels passing it.


Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August 5, 1814.


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