Battle of Chippewa


Copy of a letter from J.B. Varnum, Jr. to Abraham Bradley, jr, dated
Buffaloe, July 27, 1814.
I have but just time to inform you that amost sanguinary battle was fought on the evening of 25th inst. near Chippeway. Maj. Gen. Drummond came up with a large reinforcement from Kingston, and immediately moved up against our army with a force nearly double our numbers. The battle commenced about 7 o’clock in evening, and continued until eleven at night. Our army behaved most gallantly-fought to desperation-but the enemy were too numerous from them. The whole of the enemy’s artillery was twice taken and retaken. The slaughter on both sides was dreadful. Our first brigade was almost annihilated; but one field officer in the whole brigade escaped death of severe wounds. Gen. Brown & Gen. Scott were both severely wounded. One of Gen. Brown’s aids was mortally wounded, and both of General Scott’s severely. Maj. M’Farland of the 1st was killed. Col.Brady, Majors M’Neill, Levenworth, Brooke, Jessup and many other worthy officers wounded. It is impossible to say what is the full extent of our loss. A small proportion of our wounded fell into the hands of the enemy; besides, I fear, some prisoners. The enemy was so severely cut to pieces that they did not pursue our army. Several most brilliant charges were made by Gen. Scott’s brigade. The enemy’s lines completely broken, and upwards of 200 prisoners made, among whom are Maj. Gen. RIALL and suite, one of Gen. Drammond’s aids, and fifteen other officers. The prisoners are now here-Riall badly wounded. I cannot say for certainty, but presume the remnant of our army will immediately re-cross the Niagara.

I will give you other particulars next mail. We shall lose the services of Gen. Brown and Gen. Scott the rest of the campaign.

Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August 12, 1814.

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