Copy of a letter from Capt. L. Austin, aid to General Brown, to the Secretary of War

Copy of a letter from Capt. L. Austin, aid to General Brown, to the Secretary of War, dated,

Head Quarters, Buffalo,
29th July 1814.
I have the honor of addressing you by desire of Gen. Brown, who is now confined by wounds received in a severe & desperate engagement with the enemy, on the afternoon and night of the 25th inst.
Our army had fallen back to Chippeway. The enemy collecting every regiment form Burlington and York, and meeting with no opposition on Lake Ontario, transported by water to Fort George, troops from Kingston and even Prescott, which enabled them to bring against us a force vastly superior, under the command of Lieut. Gen. Drummond and Major Gen. Riall. They were met by us near the falls of Niagara, where a most severe conflict ensued. The enemy disputed the ground with resolution yet were driven from every position they attempted to hold. We stormed his batteries directly in front and took possession of all his artillery. Notwithstanding his immense superiority both in numbers and position, he was completely defeated and our troops remained on the battle ground without any interruption. As however both General Brown and Gen. Scott had received several wounds, almost very chief of battalion disabled, and our men quite exhausted, it was thought prudent to retire to our encampment, which was done in good order, without any molestation from the enemy-our wounded having first been removed.
Major General Riall with the Aid de Camp of Lieut. Gen. Drummond and about 20 other officers, with 200 privates are prisoners.
The loss on both sides is immense-but no account has yet been returned. The Aid and Brigade Major of General Scott are both severely wounded, and Captain Spence, an aid of Gen. Brown most probably dead, having received 2 balls thro’ his body. Both Gens. Brown and Scott are on this side confined by their wounds. Gen. Ripley commands on the other.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, sir, your most obedient servant,
L. AUSTIN, A.D. Camp.
Hon. Wm. Jones, Washington.

Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August 12, 1814.


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