Letter from Rear Adm. Cockburn to Vice Adm. Cochrane

July 31, 1814
Report from the London Gazette:
July 31 Report from Rear Admiral Cockburn to Vice Admiral Cochrane:
…having on the 26th proceeded to the head of the Machodick river, in Virginia, where he burnt  six schooners, whilst the marines marched without opposition, over the country, on the banks of that river, and there not remaining any other place on the Virginia or St. Mary’s side of his last anchorage that he had not visited…on the 28th caused the ships to move … on the 29th proceeded with the boats and marines up the Wicomico river; he landed at Hamburgh and Chaptico , from which latter place he shipped a considerable quantity of tobacco, and visited several houses in different parts of the country, the owners of which living quietly with their families and seeming to consider themselves and the neighborhood at his disposal, he caused no farther inconvenience to them, than obliging them to furnish supplies of cattle and stock for the use of his forces.

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