Letter to John Armstrong from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th. M: District. Fort Jackson,
30th. July 1814.


        Captain Gordon, mentioned particularly in my communication of the 14th. Inst. returned last evening from Pensacola. His character for veracity intitles his report enclosed to the serious consideration, and utmost confidence of the Government.
        I also enclose the Governors answer to my communication to him by Capt. Gordon. Perhaps the laconic ambiguity in which the sentiments are couched, connected with the allusion to a subsequent answer, were dictated by the anticipation of being better prepared in a short time to avow the real intentions entertained by Spain with regard to the United States.
        I also enclose an extract from a letter transmitted under cover, from Col: R Sparks, 2d. Inf, of date 16th. July 1812. I forward it to the Department, as well on account of the source from whence it originally came, as of the novelty of the matter. The true date, from the subjects embraced, must instead of 1812, be 1814.
       I also forward a copy of a report from Capt. Jones of the 39th. Inf to Lieut. Col: Benton. It will prove, that previously to the arrival there of Capt Gordon, the Govr. had hired the hostile Indians to defend Pensacola.
      These pieces of intelligence, connected with those from various sources heretofore communicated, will determine the Government on on the wisdom and policy of the measure alluded to in my letter of the 27th. June to the Department of war. Pensacola is more important to the British arms than any other point on our south or southwest. This being guaranteed to the possession of american valour, by a bold exertion of right, Britain would be deprived of supplies constantly obtained from thence; in addition to which, a convenient harbour would be afforded our privateers, and her commerce to the West Indies vitally injured without much risk. If any measures are to be taken touching this point, expedition will be all important to complete success, as powerful reinforcements are expected to be thrown in for its defence. I have the honor to be, respectfully, Sir, Your Mo. Obt. Hum. Servt.

                                                                                                                 Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                                 Major Gel Comdg.

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