Letter to John Armstrong from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th M: District. Fort Jackson,
31st. July 1814


          I have just received intelligence of the abandonment of Fort Mitchill by the Militia left for its defence; also that it is now garrisoned by friendly Indians, under the officer left in command of that post; and that the militia will leave Bainbridge, Hull, and Decatur, their time of service having expired. I have but the 3d. Inf. here, 451. effectives non commissioned officers and musicians included--have ordered from Forts Williams & Strother 300 Tennessee Militia. Measures have been taken to effectuate the transportation of the provisions and public stores to this place, but for want of the requisite means, there will be difficulty in getting them to fort Decatur. The medium through which we formerly received supplies broken up, and Indians in this quarter must be fed from supplies brought up the Alabama; fed and clothed they must be, or we will have the whole strength of the creek nation to fight under the banners of Spain & Britain. By Judge Toulmin, and from other sources not official, I am advised that Lieut. Col. Benton, with the 39th. and Col: Nixon Comdg. the Territorial Militia, before I arrived at this post, placed an expedition against the creeks on the Escambia. That on the march, Leut. Col: Benton being taken sick returned, and the command devolved on Col: Nixon. In prosecuting this expedition, the Col: pursued the Indians over the spanish lines. The Indians were at Pensacola, when Capt. Gordon arrived there.
       If the war continues, expence must not be taken into consideration. Energetic measures for defence, with ample means will soon put a period to it in this quarter. Without these success cannot be calculated on. As far as I am advised, the 2d. 3d. 39th. and 44th. Regts. for the defence of this District are not more than half full; the Garrisons in a very poor state of defence notwithstanding the sums which have been expended on them; but, with the above force added to the 7th. Inf and the artilerists, I trust the district can be defended, and the american character maintained.
      I shall, as soon as practicable, visit the Posts in the lower country, ordering on the 3d. Inf--and leaving this post and Decatur possessed by the Militia and friendly Indians, until the public Stores can be transported to alabama hights, when I shall, unless otherwise directed, discharge the Militia, agreeably to the wishes of the President, as expressed in yours of the 25th. June, and leave the friendly indians in the best possible condition to defend themselves and their nation. I have the honor to be, respectfully, Sir, your obt. Servt.

                                                                                                        Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                        Major Genl. Comdg.

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