Letter to Rachel Jackson from Andrew Jackson

Head quarters 7th. M. District Fort Jackson
July 31rst. 1814

       When I left you, I calculated with certainty to return to Nashville immediately after the Treaty, which begins tomorrow--I met on my way thither Various rumors relative to a large British force hovering on our coast, and the Spanish Governor, receiving the hostile creeks with Mcqueen & Francis at their head, with open arms & supplying them with arms and amunition, to enable them to renew the war against the united States and friendly creeks. To ascertain the truth of the Various rumors I sent Capt. John Gordon to Pensacola with a letter to the Governor--he returned evening before last and confirms, the reports, that a large British forse has landed on St. George Island, and are furnishing the Indians, with arms and amunition, and building a garrison there and intend shortly to make an attack on our frontier--The Spanish Governor, told Captain Gordon that he would feed and arm the Indians--from a confidential source Capt. Gordon was informed that in a few days a large reinforcement was expected from the Havanna--from my responsible situation--combined with this information duty compels me to hasten to Mobile to place it in a proper state of Defence, to repel any invasion that may be attempted--to which place I will set out as soon as the treaty is over, and from which place, If the duties of my office will permit I will return to Nashville, and immediately, descend the river for Neworleans, taking you & my darling little son with me--you will please therefore on the recpt of this if my wheat is not ground have it attended to by Mr. Fields, and the flower carefully put up in well seasoned barrels--and have all things in a state of readiness, that we may not be long detained--should an invasion be attempted, which will prevent me from returning to Nashville before I Vissit Neworleans I will send some confidential friend for you, who will bring you to Natchez, where I will meet you. I send a note for $183 dollars by Lt. Donelson, which I expect he will be able to collect, which I have directed him to pay over to you, and I wish a good Boat immediately prepared, for you to descend the river in, agreeable to a form sent by Colo. Butler--I have not heard from you since I left Nashville, but once, and that was a few days after I left home--I hope you & my little son and family are in good health--and that little Lyncoya has recovered his health--Tell Andrew I fear he will think I am runaway from him--but kiss him for me and say to him truly, that in all my life I never wanted more to see you & him than I do at present--and the unexpected delay of my return has heightened I believe the anxiety to see you & him--
     accept my prayers & good wishes for your healths and believe me to be affectionately yours &c &c &c

                                                                                                     Andrew Jackson
P.S. I have wrote you several letters--whether the have reached you or not I cannot say--I hope my horses have got safe back--Tell Fields to have them well fed and fattened--I have sold my young Bay and will want them in good order when I come or send for them--adieu--A.J.

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