Alexandria VA surrenders to British

With no attempt at resistance, Alexandria VA surrenders to the British;
The Terms of Capitulation:
Gentlemen -
In consequences of a deputation yesterday received from the city of Alexandria, requesting favorable terms for the safety of the city, the under mentioned are the only conditions in my power to offer. The town of Alexandria, with the exception of public works, shall not be destroyed, unless hostilities are commenced on the part of the Americans, nor shall the inhabitants be molested in any manner whatever, or their dwelling houses entered, if the following articles are complied with:
  1. All naval and ordinance stores, public or private, must immediately be delivered up.
  2. Possession will be immediately taken of all the shipping and their furniture must be sent on board by the owners without delay. 
  3. The vessels that have been sunk must be delivered up in the state they were, on the 19th of August, the day the squadron passing the Kettle Bottoms.
  4. Merchandise of every description must be instantly delivered up, and to prevent any irregularity, that might be committed in its embarkation, the merchants have it at their option to load the vessels generally employed for that purpose, when they shall be towed off by us. 
  5.  All merchandise that has been removed from Alexandria, since the 19th inst. is to be included in the above articles.
  6. Refreshments of every description to be supplied [to] the ships, and paid for at the market price, by bills of the British government. 
Officers will be appointed to see that article No. 2, 3, 4 and 5, are strictly complied with, and any deviation of non-compliance, on the part of the inhabitants of Alexandria, will render this treaty null and void.
I have the honor to be, John A. Gordon, Captain of H.M. ship Sea Horse, and senior officer of H.M. ships off Alexandria. To the Common Council of the town of Alexandria.

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