Boston, August 3

Boston, August 3.

A gentleman who left Plattsburg on Saturday last, reports, that there were 2000 men at Plattsburg; that on Friday an enemy’s picket was surprised, a lieut and 2 men were killed and 9 men taken prisoners.-The troops were under marching orders, destination unknown. It is said by prisoners and deserters that the British force has retreated from the head of the Lake to Kingston.
A 20 gun brig is expected to be launched by the 15th of this month, at Vergennes, the timber, of which was, 15 days ago, standing in the forest.

Washington City, August 8.
We have awaited with much anxiety the arrival of the detailed report of Gen. Brown’s late glorious but bloody victory. Contrary to our expectation it was not received on Saturday, though the Buffaloe express brought private letters from Erie as late as the 1st inst. an extract from one of which we subjoin.

Erie, August, 1.
Our army still remains at this place, and are busily employed in entrenching. The enemy’s advanced parties are daily skirmishing with our pickets and foraging parties: nothing of material consequence has as yet occurred. We have just received a reinforcement of about 300 Riflemen from Sackett’s Harbor. I am happy to find that our loss of the 25th ult. was not so great as was at first apprehended, the battle being fought at night many of our men scattered & secreted themselves in the woods, and have not, until [illegible]or two, all been collected.”


Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August 12, 1814.


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