British in Chaptico

14 August 1814
"In this little village [Chaptico] they got about 30 hogs heads of tobacco and no other plunder, the inhabitants having moved all their property out of their grasp. Yet here they made a most furious attack on every window, door, and pane of glass in the village, not one was left in the whole….They picked their stolen geese in the church, dashed the pipes of the church organ on the pavement, opened a family vault in the churchyard, broke open the coffins, and stirred the bones about with their hands in search of hidden treasure. All this havoc not a man was in arms within 15 miles of them, and they worked until 10 o'clock at night, before they got the tobacco on board their vessels. Owing to the shallowness of the creek [Chaptico Bay] that leads up to Chaptico warehouse, they rolled more than half the tobacco one mile."

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