British Movements

Our latest intelligence of the British movements below is derived from the following letter, by which it appears that the enemy’s vessels have, for the present, nearly all left the river.

Copy of a letter to the Secretary of War.
Point Lookout, Monday morning,
1st August, 1814.
SIR-I have the honor to state for your information, such movements of the enemy as I have observed at this place, since my note of the 25th ult.
On Tuesday last a brig and a small schooner from below ascended the Potomac, and on Wednesday two small schooners from below also proceeded up that river. On Thursday the brig left the Potomac and descended the bay having under her convoy two small captured schooners. In the morning of Friday, a small schooner, accompanied by a prize, dropped down the bay, four or five miles below Point Lookout, where she continued till late in the even in of that day, and then returned up the bay. Their Maneuvers evidently indicated a disposition to land; they, however, have made no attempt that I have ascertained.

I am, &c.


Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August  12, 1814.


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