Letter from Capt.. Joseph Nourse to Adm. Cockburn

August 12, 1814
HMS Severn Drum Point August 12th, 1814.
I have sent by the Manly all our Blacks except such as I keep for guides and who are in training for Soldiers. Also two Vessels laden with Tobacco and the one with Wood, and an armed tender with blacks also.
Commodore Barney …was seen with five of his Vessels at Anchor near Gods Graces by one of my boats, … there are various reports—one that he is ordered not to leave the river; and I have been told by a Person living on Sandy Point, that he came there and talked of bringing some Guns upon the Point, but that the proprietor of ye land "Groom objected to it.”
He also wanted to know where our Guard Boats came that he might surprise them. … I have been laying down an Anchorage on the lower side & close to Point patience… it is the narrowest part of the river the point Projects, across the River so as to protect us from fire Vessels, In case of attack also, if he dare it, the point would bring up his point blank Shot, and ours being so much higher would reach him over it—we can also see a long way up the River & saves a long pull for our boats and there is a well upon the Point sufficient to keep up our Water.
One report has been of his intention to take up his old Station in St. Leonard’s Creek but that cannot have ever been thought of.
Should you approve it I will move to Point Patience.
We had a report yesterday that Mr. Madison had ordered all the Militia to Washington but they refused to go—
I believe they are getting some Force in and about Hunting Town & should you leave the Potomac I suppose we shall have them from that side of St. Mary’s to this—.
I have etc.
Joseph Nourse

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