Letter from General Hungerford to Virginia Governor Barour

August 5, 1814
Letter from General Hungerford to Governor Barbour
“Our negroes are flocking to the enemy from all quarters, which the British convert into troops, vindictive and rapacious – with a most minute knowledge of every bye path. The blacks leave us as spies upon our posts and our strength, and they return upon us as guides and soldiers and incendiaries… From this cause alone the enemy have a great advantage over us in a country where the passes and byways through our innumerable necks and swamps are so little known to but very few of our officers and men, and thorough which they can penetrate and be conducted with so much ease by these refugee blacks…
…Unless the (Federal) government will give this quarter more effectual aid, the ruffian system of warfare carried on by the enemy….will light up one universal conflagration throughout these counties.”

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