Letter from Joshua Barney to Sec. of Navy Jones

August 4, 1814
US. Cutter Scorpion, August 4th 1814
… My Gig returned this morning from the mouth of the river, the officer informs me that the enemy are continually in motion with their small schooners & Barges, but seldom above Point Patience and then only for a few hours; when he left a hill in the rear of Hopewells house yesterday morning, the Enemy had made a landing, by means of three schooners & 8 Barges at Carrols and from Information it was supposed they intended the destruction of a Cloth manufactory belonging to Mr. Peter Goughf about four miles from thence; the Enemy has been up a few miles on the Bay shore landed at a Mr. Makalls, carried off 14 Hogsheads of Tobacco & burnt the Warehouse & the remaining Tobacco, The Militia according to custom appeared after all was over. The Negroes, it would appear, flock to them from all quarters; I have advised a number of persons in Calvert to get their negroes off, and promised them to move down with the flotilla in order to Cover and protect them when doing of it, and to be a check upon the Black Gentry— although Calvert deserves nothing from us, yet I conceive it a duty we owe our Country and am sure it will meet your approbation…
(I) am respectfully your Obt. Servant
Joshua Barney
I am sorry in being under the necessity of requesting the discharge of Sailing Master James Wright, for continual Intoxication and improper conduct, as reported to me by Lieut. Rutter from Baltimore, Also the discharge of Sailing Master Claude Besse already reported to you— my situation is almost that of a Tyrant, as I am obliged to punish from my own authority, not having it in my power to hold court Martials for want of a sufficient number of Commissioned officers, from which circumstances many escape just punishment, whilst I am obliged in other instances to be severe; but thank god, I have been able thus far to get forward with a few examples; but to check effectually misconduct, We must begin at the head: for when petty officers & men see that, superiors are punished, we shall have but little trouble—

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