Letter from Sec. of Navy Jones to Joshua Barney

August 20, 1814
Navy Department August 20 1814 2AM
I have this instant received yours of 7 AM this day. I am informed by gentlemen who have frequently travelled from this to Benedict that there is a very good and direct road of 35 Miles. Should the enemy dash for this place he will probably take this road, unless he should follow the Bank of the river to Nottingham with his advance guard to drive back your flotilla and bring up his main body by water.
This will have been decided before you receive this, and you will immediately send the flotilla up to Queen Anns with as few men as possible and a trusty officer to remain there and in the event of the enemy advancing upon the flotilla in force to destroy the whole effectually and proceed with his men to this place. Having given these directions you will retire before the enemy toward this place opposing his progress as well by your arms, as by falling trees across the road removing Bridges, and presenting every other possible obstacle to his march.
Tomorrow Morning the detachment of Marines with three 12s and two long light 18' pounders with everything complete will march to join you and will be placed under your command. When combined, your men will man the Guns and the Marines under the command of Captain Miller will act as Infantry under your command.
I enclose for your government the joint "regulations of the War & [Navy] Departments for the government of their respective commanders when acting in concert and you will with the most perfect harmony and promptness afford all the cooperation in your power.
With this view you will communicate freely with Brigadier General Winder on the subject.
How are you off for muskets and pikes? Will you require an additional supply of the former after you have manned the Guns? You will draw your provisions from this place with more facility than any other. Make your requisitions on Com. Tingey and they will be complied with immediately. Your force on this occasion is of immense importance and is relied upon with the utmost confidence.
I shall send to you two men from the Navy yard to ride express in quick succession during the continuance of the present emergency.
I am respectfully your obedient servant
W. Jones
1/2 past 2. PM
P.S. Any modification of this order that yourself and General Winder shall agree upon I authorize.
Joshua Barney Esq.
Commanding the US flotilla Nottingham

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