Letter to John McKee from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7 Military Dist. Mobile
Augt 23d. 1814


            I received yours of the 9th. Instant at mount Vernon on the 20. and should have answered it from that place could an express have been procured. The bearer of your dispatches enlisted in a few hours after his arrival. the want of public funds in this quarter is really distressing. not a cent in the quarter masters hands, and large debts remaining unpaid. I have wrote to the secretary at war stating without reserve if effective operations are expected the means for carrying them on must be afforded. I regret very much that you have not been furnished with the means of discharging the debts contracted for supplies. The difficulty experienced by our government in raising funds last spring, and the vast expence incurred by our North western campaign, has occasioned embarrasments which the government since the loan was filled has not been able to remove. On the subject of your brave Indians if called on and reward for services I can only remark when brought into the field they will be placed on the same footing as to pay & rations as the militia, and must be regularly mustered into service. The Contractor will be ordered to supply them until they can be rendezvoused at some given point. Measures will adopted and made known for their supply. Should the war rage in this quarter and our enemies imploy the hostile fugitive creeks with the seminolies I am determined to meet them with my brave brothers the Choctaws chickasaws and cherokees with about six hundred well tried friendly creeks. If our inemies imploy the scalping knife we will and must retaliate. I would be happy to see you at this place, where I will remain some time unless the orders of the government or the movements of the enemy should make a change of position necessary. Should this meet you at Fort St. Stephens, could you not ride down and spend two or three days with me. In which period arrangments could be made for future operations and the liquidations of those debts already contracted. And you can by that time give me the real force which can be calculated on from the Choctaw nation in the event of a call on them. I could wish too to see you on the subject of that part of the Choctaw nation who Joined the hostile creeks, and have since submitted to the U.S. I am very respectfully yr. mo obedt. servt.

                                                                                      Andrew Jackson

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