Letter to John Pryor Hickman from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th. M: District Fort Jackson,
August 2d. 1814--


              Great complaint has been made to me, by the Indians who are directed to be fed at Fort Strother, that the issues are not sufficient to keep soul and body together. By Doctor Winn, I am informed that they only receive five full rations of meat and bread for every fifteen days. This is too small an allowance--they must receive at the ratio of 3/4 of pound of meat and flour or bread stuff for each grown person per day, and half a pound of each per day for every child. Humanity and good policy under existing circumstances require, that the friendly and those asking for friendship should be fed--and I am certain, that if fed at all, the above ratio is as little as humanity can dictate, and to little to keep them alive & in health. The British are using every art to draw them to their standard, and it is only by feeding them under existing circumstances that we can calculate on a continuation of their friendship. where the carcass is, there will the fowls be gathered together; You will therefore hereafter Issue agreeably to the above rule. I am respectfully Your Mo. Obt. Servt.

                                                                                      Andrew Jackson
                                                                                      Majr. Genl. Comdg.

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