Letter to Rachel Jackson from Andrew Jackson

Fort Jackson
August the 5th 1814

My love

        I had the pleasure this moment to receive you letter of the 22nd. of July by Mr. Roberts--It was the first I had heard from you since I left you--except through a letter from Colo Hays to Colo. Butler. I am happy to hear that you and our little son Andrew is well, and that Lyncoya is recovering his health--When I left you I fondly hoped, and really expected to have been by this on my return to you--But fortune that fickle dame, mars all my wishes--I have this moment recd. an express from allabama heights--that will compell me to Mobile with all the regular Troops here, as soon as I can get clar of the business I am now engaged in, which I hope will be on Sunday next--I have been from day to day for three days, endeavoring to get the chiefs in council--to day I effected it and have delivered to them my talk and the Terms of peace--Whether, they will agree to the Terms, or in part, fly to the Spaniards, as yet I cannot say--but in two days, I shall know, the result. as soon as this is known I shall without delay, proceed to Mobile--When I reach there, and place the garrisons in a compleat state of defence, I shall return to Tennessee, unless the appearance of an enemy, should prevent me--If I can spare Colo. Butler, I shall send him on from this place to you, to prepare every thing necessary to bring you down the river to me, at Natchez or Neworleans--It was with reluctance I accepted the office I now hold, had I thought it was to have separated us again for a length of time I certainly would have been at the Hermitage--But I have accepted, my honor never shall be stained--when danger rears its head, I can never shrink from it--I trust in a kind providence, for protection and success--I owe to Britain a debt of retaliatory, Vengeance--should our forces meet I trust I shall pay the debt--the is in conjunction with Spain arming the hostile Indians, to butcher our woman & children--It is raining; my paper is moist and my light dim, I must conclude, Jackey & his men start early in the morning, I will write you again in a few days--may that superintending being, who governs, worlds--and destinies of nations protect & bless you & my little Andrew, with health untill I meet you, is the sincere prayer of your affectionate Husband--

                                                                                         Andrew Jackson

Courtesy of the Andrew Jackson Papers Project

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