Letter to Rachel Jackson from Andrew Jackson

Fort Jackson 
August 10th. 1814

My Love--

       This is the last letter you will receive for me from this point--I have Just finished the business with the creeks, the convention was signed yesterday at 2 oclock P.M. and tomorrow at 12 I embark for Mobile where I wish you to write me under cover from Colo. Butler--I have had a disagreable fatigueing, business of it--and feel relieved from great anxiety, as it involved in its consequences if I failed in procuring a treaty, the lives of many of the most distressed wretches you ever saw--Could you only see the misery and wretchedness of those creatures perishing from want of food and Picking up the grains of corn scattered from the mouths of the horses and troden in the earth--I know your humanity would feel for them, notwithstanding all the causes you have to feel hatred and revenge against--for the news of this place I refer you to Colo. Butler who returns for the purpose of bringing you to me in case I find I cannot return from Mobile as soon as I reach that point I shall write you--I have directed Colo. Butler to have a Boat built and ready, as early as possible, and to see our supplies prepared and ready--I hope Mr Fields has got the flower well ground & put up in good barrels--& I wish a good supply of Beacon fowls &c &c &c for I am certain our fare here would not be verry pallatable to you and my little son andrew--who you must bring on with you--I have wrote to Mr John Hutchings to aid you in getting some person to supperintend my farm, fearing that Mr Fields cannot govern in both our absence--Colo Butler will also give his aid--I named in my last that I had sent on by my young friend Lt. Donelson a note for collection, to be applied by you in your outfit--I have wrote to my friend John Hutching to have you a god pair of horses procured, and I wish your carriage well repaired or exchanged for a new one--you had better vissit Nashville and make this erangement with the carriage maker yourself--you must now recollect that you are now a Major Generals lady--in the service of the U.S. and as such you must appear, elegant and plain, not extravagant--but in such stile as strangers expect to see you--a good supply of Eatable, such as our country yields will add verry much to our comfort--and must not be neglected--Let a house be built for your Sister Cafferry, or perhaps she can better remain in those built untill our return--She will preserve our furniture and every thing that is left in her care--but the erangement in this respect is left for you & her to make--all I ask is that she is made comfortable--may heaven protect you many years, is the prayer of your affectionate Husband

                                                                                                           Andrew Jackson
My respects to Mrs. Caffery, Miss Peggy & Miss giney--and my best & warmest wishes to Colo. Hays and his lady Miss Narcissa and all the family--your Brother Joney & his family, and all friends who enquire after me--Send my best wishes to Genl Overton and his family. Say to him--he knows I would write to him if I had time--

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