Letter to William C.C. Claiborne from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters--7th. M. District Mobile
Augt 30th. 1814--


        I have this moment by return of my confidential Agent from Pensacola, as well as from letters intercepted, recd. information which makes it necessary that the exportation of flour, corn, or other provisions, be immediately prohibited.
       I have isued orders accordingly, a Copy of which are inclosed. Your aid, and best exertions, are required, to carry this Order into complete effect.
       The Present intention of Britain, and Spain, combined, is to make an attack on this Place, and New Orleans. Part of the British force for this purpose, has landed at Pensacola, and the ballance, hourly expected--five hundred Indians were armed with muskets, and furnished each with Sixty rounds of Cartridges, whilst my informant was there--
      You must Summon up all your energy, your quota of militia must be in the field without delay, and the most rigid rules adopted, with all, who refuse, or hesitiate, to obey the Call; The greatest care and circumspection ought to be used in selecting sound hearted men as officers to this regt.
      Our country swarms with spies and traitors, a number will be passing to New Orleans to give information, and corrupt your citizens. You ought to have every avenue well watched with confidential patroles; any person detected in holding correspondence with our enemies, or Supplying them with provisions, must be brought before a Court martial & punished under the 56th. & 7th. Articles of the rules and Articles of War--A few examples will deter the rest; Our friends must be separated from our enemies; The threatened danger with which our country is surrounded, requires all our exertions & all its energies for its defence; with energy and union we will be able to drive the enemy into the Ocean-They are in great want of Provisions at Pensacola. A large Top-Sail Schoner belonging to Mr. Spow or Spo of that place, has sailed for New Orleans for them, if she can be known she ought to be seized; She is sent by Colo. Nicholls of the Royal Marines who is at Pensacola in Command of the British forces; She passed through the lakes to New-Orleans, and intends to evade Mobile Point, by Passing out to sea through some of the outlets that avoid the Fort--
        No vessel therefore unless loaded for the contractor with stores and provisions for the Army, must be permitted to sail from New-Orleans through the lakes. I repeat again that no provisions must be permitted to pass out--On the due execution of this order may depend our safety until we can get a competent force in the field, to become the assailants at every point we can reach an Englishman, Which I hope will be shortly--I have every thing in motion---The Country must and shall be defended. We have more to dread from Spies, and traitors, than from open enemies--Vigilence and Energy is only wanting and all is safe. I am in haste, yours Respectfully

                                                                                                                Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                                Majr. Genl. Comdg.

Courtesy of the Andrew Jackson Papers Project

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