Report of disgraceful British incidents

13 August 1814
Niles’ Weekly Register
Report on incidents in the Patuxent and the Potomac
“THE MAGNANIMOUS ENGLISH! A relation of the disgraceful incidents that have occurred on the Patuxent and Potomac would fill a volume; and we hope it may be written in perpetuam memoriam of British honor! I would make a school book of it so that, like young Hannibal, every child should be taught to hate the deeds of Englishmen. The wantonness of destruction walked abroad, and cruelty had full sway. We have heard many particulars – the following may serve to show the spirit of the whole:
A party entered the house of a widow – after stealing whatever they pleased, they jeeringly proposed to replenish her goods by making two articles out of one – as for instance they broke a piano in two, a sideboard in two, a table in two, and said to the lady she now had two pianos, two sideboards, two tables – unfeeling villains!
At a small village, all the men ran away but a poor tailor; they seized him, tied his hands behind him and, of mere fun, ducked the unfortunate man nearly to death and beat and abused him shamefully. Brave and honorable warriors!
A gentleman had near his house a lane shaded with English walnut trees – the savages cut them down or so hacked them that the whole are destroyed. Religious Englishmen!
The Washington City gazette says that at Chaptico they actually opened a vault, and stripped the dead bodies. Blasting as this is to Englishmen, we see no reason to disbelieve it.”

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