Sec. of Navy Jones to Joshua Barney

August 19, 1814
Joshua Barney Esq. Navy Department Captain Commanding the U S Flotilla, Nottingham
2 P.M. August 19th 1814.

Yours of this morning is now before me, and the account given by your Officer, as to the number and description of the enemy's force at the mouth of the Patuxent agrees with other accounts from the same quarter. Captain Gordon writes that on the morning of the 16th—22 Sail came in from sea, and passed up the Bay (lists the numbers and types of ships).
Appearances indicate a design on this place, but it may be a feint, to mask a real design on Baltimore; if however their force is strong in troops, they may make a vigorous push for this place. In that case they probably would not waste much time with the flotilla.
If you can impede and retard his movements, time will be gained which is all important, but should he advance upon you, with an overwhelming force, you will effectually destroy the flotilla by fire, and with your small arms, retire as he advances, towards this place, opposing by all the means in your power, his progress, and advising me of your movements, in order that the Park of Artillery 3., 12s. & 2 long light 18s may be detached to meet you, together with the Marine Corps.—
If the flotilla can be run up to Queen Anns with a very few men and a careful Officer, with orders to
destroy the whole effectually, and in due time, in the event of the enemy advancing to that place in force, you may pursue that course, but you will run no hazard of capture, and will be careful to regulate your movements, so as to keep in advance of the enemy.
You will keep me advised of every important event, either by express, or by the numerous confidential persons who will be passing this way.
 I am respectfully Your Obedt. Servant
W. Jones

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