Washington City, August 10

Washington City, August 10.
Letters from Buffalo, received at the War Department by the mail of yesterday, are of the 3d instant. They state, that the whole of the enemy’s force moved up towards Fort Erie and took a position about a miles from that of our army; that on the morning of the 3d, before day light, they passed over the Niagara a body of 500 men, who landed below Black Rock, evidently with a design of attacking Buffalo and destroying our stores at that place, but they were met, engaged for some hours and compelled to re-cross by a corps of two hundred Riflemen and some Volunteers, under the command of Major Morgan of the 1st Rifle Regiment; that we had three men killed and several wounded among whom was Capt. Hamilton, 1st. Rifle Regiment; that we have taken in the affair several prisoners; that the enemy’s loss in killed and wounded is considerable, and that there is frequent skirmishing between the armies on the Canada side.


Published in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette-August 19, 1814.


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