Letter from (American) Corporal John McHenry of the 5th Regiment about the Battle of North Point

“The contest…was maintained for some time very vigorously by the 5th and 7th Regiments & a company of artillery commanded by (Captain John) Montgomery…The 39th and 51st Regiments fired one round at they knew not what & immediately fled…the 6th Regiment…. retreated long before the enemy approached them….

In the 27th Regiment adjutant (Lt. James) Lowry Donaldson was killed. As our Regiment, the 5th, carried off the praise from the other regiments engaged, so did the company to which I have the honor to belong cover itself with glory. When compared to the [other] Regiments we were the last that left the ground.

Our loss was nearly 1/3 of the company engaged…. there were ten wounded and three taken prisoners. I had the honor to carry the colours of the Regiment, which I brought off safe and was not hurt myself. Had not our company retreated at the time it did we should have been cut off in two minutes…..”

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  1. Where is the complete original of this letter? And what is the date? Thanks