Letter from James Monroe to Andrew Jackson

War Department
September 7th. 1814.


         Your letter of August 10th. has been received.
         The avowed objects of the Enemy and the recent outrages of all principles of civilized warfare warrant the belief and expectation that they will make their devastations as extensive as their means will justify.
         The writer of the enclosed {copy of a} communication, without signature, is known and is entitled to credit--Your most prompt attention and vigorous operations will be required in the lower Country--All the friendly Indians should be Organized and prepared to cooperate with your other forces--
         There appears to be some disaffection among the Choctaws--their friendship and services should be secured without delay--
         The friendly Indians must be fed and paid, and made to fight when and where their services may be required.
         It is desirable that you should repair to New Orleans as soon as your arrangements can be accomplished in the other parts of the District unless your presence it required at other points--I am sir very respectfully your obedient servt.

                                                             Jas Monroe

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