Letter to Andrew Hynes from Andrew Jackson

Head quarters 7th. M. District Mobile
Sept. 26th 1814,
11 oclock P.M.

Dr. Sir

          I have this moment, recd. the news that the capital is Burnt--was it not for the national disgrace I am glad of it--It will unite america, and learn the rulers of our nation, to prepare for defence before it is too late-- and leave canvassing for the executive chair, out of view when our nation is invaded and requires all her ennergy to defend it--It will Teach them, not to count their pence but prepare the means, to save our country--It will learn the heads of departments, to listen to information, transmitted, that ought to put them on there guard and prepare for energettic defence before the enemy reaches the interior, the capital--I have been writing, for instructions for three months--I have long since give information of the intended invasion of the south--the combination--forming and under all these circumstances, ordered to discharge the militia, at a time when every information foretold an intended invasion, an intended excitement of the Indians to Hostility--I hope I have checked the rising hostility of  the indians in this quarter, and if I am only half supported I will put down the war here verry shortly--I shall have I hope at least 2000 indians in the field, against the 10th. proximo--and I hope by that time to see the brave Tennesseens, flocking to the standard of their country determined, to maintain their Liberty or die nobly in the last ditch--The drubbing we have give the english on the 15th. instant at Mobile Point was in true american stile, and had they Troops defended the capital, with the same spirit that the brave Lawrence defended Fort Bowyer, the capital would have been defended--and saved--
        Let it not be said that the Tardiness of the Troops from Tennessee occasioned, the loss of Mobile and Neworleans, send them on by forced marches, and I will let you hear before peace, some small retaliation for our disgrace--In haste adieu--

                                                                                                    Andrew Jackson

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