Letter to Andrew Jackson from Charles Wollstoncraft

Fort St. Philip
13th. Septr. 1814


        This morning sailed from this place, that part of the flotilla, destined to act against the pirates at Barataria, which came from New orleans; this afternoon, they were joined by five vessels from mobile bay, the remaining two, part of that division, were on the outside of the bar, not having had wind enough to stem the current of the Mississippi; however by this time, they must have formed a junction, & as the wind is fair, are probably on their way down the Southwest pass--About a week past a British Schooner, the Sophia, took from the Balize four pilots, she sailed for Barataria bearing a white flag, & in her passage drove two privateers on shore: The Capt. of the Sophia. landed under the flag, but was detained & his flag insulted: he was afterwards liberated, & last thursday, returned the pilots to the Balize. Since thursday, no vessel has been in sight at the Balize, except our squadron.
        The smugglers have been informed of the intended attack, for some time past, & it is reported, are well prepared for it & determined to stand out to the last; it is also said, that they are very strong, in men & vessels. Very respectfully I am Sir Your Hble St.

                                                                                                                  C. Wollstoncraft Capt.
                                                                                                                  Corps Arty. Commdg.

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