Letter to Andrew Jackson from Moses T. Hoagland

Fort Jackson
16th September 1814


      I wrote you on the 13th Inst. which I hope you have received--I returned last night from Fort Decater I found on hand at that place about eighteen days beef and One hundred & thirty barrels of flour and sufficiency of Whiskey, soap & Candles Mr. Bowen U.S. Storekeeper informed me that he had received information from the Quarter Master Genl that no more provisions would be sent on to that post from the sixth Military District and that he had also received information from the Indian Agent that no provison would be Issued to the Indians at that post in future that had crops of Corn agrowing; but would Issue to the Indians in the service of the United States and to those who had given them selves up and had no crops agrowing, as these instructions was received the evening that I arrived he could not say what number of Indians would draw in future There has no instructions from the Indian Department yet arrived at this post.
      It is with regret that I have to inform you of the mutinous conduct of the troops at this post. last night about eight OClock the beat up and down the lines with the fife & Drum and collected between 100 & 200 men forced the chain of sentinals and proceded to the bake hose and tore it down broke the Oven took off what bread was baked and some flour & then set the house on fire, but was afterwards put out--On my arrival here Colo. Pipkins informed me that he expected that that greatest part of his men would Mutiny and go off he directed that I would not Issue but one days provision at a time altho he observed that he had made out a return for six days. the men then Observed if the Colo. Order was Obeyed that they would be compeled to pull down the Commissary Store take what provisions they wanted & would drive of the beef Cattle &c--I informed them that I had received written instructions from the commanding Officer of the post and should Obey them. As to the bread that they received here was mad out of new flour and the bread of a better quality than any that was Issued whilst you where here, the men yesterday morning complaind  that the bread was not weight--Mr. Ross told them there was Stilyards to weigh it the did so and found it full weight---They now state that they will start for Tennessee on the 20th Inst and I have no doubt if they do which they appear determind on, that they will break Open the Storehouse or pull it down & drive off as may Cattle as they may want--Capt. Strothers Company when the men broke by the sentinals remaind at there quarters the Capt. being the Officer of the day Orderd his rowl to be called and his men to fall out. immediately his men were all present Colo. Pipkis informed him or sent an Officer to do so that the number that had gone out was so large & they armed that it would be imprudent to force them back as there would be many lives lost. the men all returned in a half hour to there quartes--I can assure you that it is extremely unpleasant doing business with a mob--however am happy to state there is verry little Complaint as to provisions, except they regret much the want of Whiskey--
        Inclosed I forward you an account of the action of Genl. Gains--excuse this scrawls as the express waits--I am Respectfully your Obt. Huml. Sert

                                                                                              Moses T. Hoagland

I will thank the Genl. to let Mr. Henry know when the express returns     MTH        

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