Letter to William Charles Cole Claiborne from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7 M Dist Mobile
Septr. 21 1814


             Our country has been invaded, and threatened with destruction. She wants Soldiers to fight her battles. The free men of colour in your city are inured to the Southern climate and would make excellent Soldiers. They will not remain quiet spectors of the interesting conquest. They must be either for, or against us--distrust them, and you make them your enemies, place confidence in them, and you will engage them by Every dear and honorable tie to the interest of the country who extends to them equal rights and priviledges with white men. I enclose you a copy of my address to them for publication, and wish an experiment made for raising a Regt of them. They will be officered by white men except the non commissioned officers, and be placed upon the same footing with other volunteers for the war. Should you succeed in raising a Regt Battallion or company advise me, and I will send one of my aids to organize and pay them their Bounty under the act of congress placing them on an equaility with soldiers procured by enlistment. No objections can be raised by the citizens of N Orleans on account of their engagement, as they will be removed from amongst them, if fears of their fidelity are entertained. I also enclose you an address to the citizens of Louissiana, for publication, and request that you will have the proclamation of Colo Nicholls published on the same sheet, as well as the Proclamation of Sir William H Percy and my general order rellative to the defence of Fort Bowyer.The Choctaws are collecting and I hope ere long to have it, in my power to act on the offensive. Fortune smiles upon our arms to the North, and I flatter myself the Gods will be propitious to the South. We may then humble the overgrown pride of Britain. I have the honor to be very respectfully yr obedt. Servt.

                                                                              Andrew Jackson M G comdg

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