Letter from Richard Brown to Andrew Jackson

Fort Deposit
12th. october 1814

Friend & Sir,

       Some time ago I wrote to you & likewise heave sent word by Captn. Mayfield to you & now sends these lines to you again. I heave heard Two or three diffrent times from men for me & my compney to Start on to you as quick as I could. you no or heave heard our Situation at this place on account of corn or provition for we heave not made corn Enough in Each familey to bread one family one month or hardley that--and the contracters heave Stopt their hands from furnishing us on account of heaving no orders from Government--if I Start now & take all my Compeney to you I must Expect that our famileys must Suffer before we Return to them--I want for us all to move back to our old places this winter to putt our plantions in fix to plant corn next year--for the armey has burnt a great deal of our Fencings &c. it is best for people to Try & Raise corn of their own--last winter we was cap Buisey on account of the Creek war-- I think Col. Lowry Walker & others that lives above us & has made plenty of corn they Should Turn out first & help you and the Chickasaws & Choctaws aught to Turn out I Shall Start in Two or three days from this to see Col. Meigs & there Try & gett pay for my compney or clothing for them for the winter--and there make with him some arengements for my people for provitions Soon as I do that I will and my Compney will Start on to see you--but if you think you heave not men Siffishent Enaugh there--write on as quick as you can to me--for I heave had no writing from you since I saw you last--please write on to me as quick as possable when I Start I Expect to heave Two or three hundred of as good Cherokee warriors as aney. or perhaps more men then I heave Stated to you. Captn. Mayfield will tell you if my wanting to start last--I am your Sinceare Friend & Brother Solder--

                                                                                       Richard Brown

P.S. when I go I will take a man to write for me & do my Bussnes & not look to a white man as I did last winter when at the horse Shoe nor I wont be under such men onely yourself--R.B.

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