Letter to Andrew Jackson from William Carroll

Octr. 14th. 1814

Dear Sir,

             I have the honor to inform you that I have been elected your successor as Major General of the second division of the militia of Tennessee--
             You have no doubt been apprized of the late requisition of the war department on the Executive of this State for five thousand additional troops to be sent to your head quarters, or such point as you may please to direct--Of that detachment the Governor has given me the command; I have therefore to request your instructions as early as convenient--In the mean time I will make such arrangements as necessity as prudince may dictate--I will immediately make a requisition of the quarter master for the munitions of war and camp equipage believing it proper that those articles should always accompany the troops--Having no other orders at this time that of the Governor to march to your head quarters, I shall make a requisition on the contractor at this place for the supply of provisions to carry us on--and for the fecility of transportation, I think it prudint that we should carry only breadstuff and drive with the army beef cattle--and take the  contractors due bills for the componant  parts of the rations--
             From the scarcity of arms now in Tennessee owing to so many mens being the in the field I foresee a dificulty in arming the present detachment--I have suggested to the Governor the propriety of his applying to the commanding officers at New Port Ky. and obtaining 1500 or 2000 through that source--he appears to think that he has no authority--Your instructions on this point will be very acceptable--Music is important; will you empower me to get a good drummer & fifer at the cantonment near this place?
            As the post master is now waiting on me I have Just time to remark, that I have a full confidence, under your direction that I shall be able to make the detachment, now ordered, as useful as any militia, you have ever had in the field--Nothing shall be wanting, on my part I hope--Will I be governed in the appointment of Staff officers by your roll of last winter--or will less answer Nothing new by this mail from the North--In hast yr. sincere friend

                                                                                                  Wm Carroll

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