Letter to Daniel Todd Patterson from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7 M D Mobile
Octo 14 1814


        Information reached me last evening that Vessels with Flour are daily passing from N Orleans to Pensacola to feed our enemy contrary to my express orders and the rules of warfare. Through the same channel I am informed that the British are fitting out Barges mounting 22 and 12 pound caronades, which must be cut off our communication and supplies from New Orleans. I have therefore to request that you will without delay advise me whether I am to rely upon the employment of your Flotilla in preserving the communication through the Lakes and along the coast to pass Heron. The existance of my army and the defence of the District assigned to my command and protection may depend upon the preservation of this communication, and the safety of N Orleans greatly depends on your vigilence with the Flotilla. I must consequently request of you a prompt and decisive answer to the above enquiries. Not a moment is to be lost. The Barges fitting out at Pensacola, with proper vigilence on your part may be easily destroyed with a few Gun Boats. I have the honor to be &C

                                                                                      sigd Andw Jackson M G comdg

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