Letter to Daniel Todd Patterson from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th Military district Mobile
Oct 23d. 1814.


        Your communication of the 17th. inst by Mr. Boyd, reached me this morning.
        I regret that you Should have misconceived my construction of the relation, existing between the Navy and army--I never had an Idea that you were bound to acknowledge my Command. I know that we can together act only, by common consent; and So only can we effectually Serve our Country. Therefore I thought that a Communication of my wishes would have ensured an instantanious co operation on your Part. And I Still hope, when you receive the Letter, I had the honor to address to you on the 14th inst you will Immediately take the Steps necessary to effect the objects therein detailed.
       Our Situation had been extremely disagreable, during the absence of the Naval force from our Waters--The enemy has advanced into our Territory--but wanting the aid of a few Gun Boats to Protect this Section of my Command, I could not make even a Temporary movement to Punish his Temerity.
       Now that I hear of a Part of your flotilla, approaching this Station, I Shall leave here for a Short time. during my absence--I Shall rely confidently on the Navy, for the Preservation, of the Coast from the ravages of the enemy, and of the Communication from New Orleans to Mobile Point--without this is open, our Supplies for the Army will be very Precarious--the Cannon lent by the Navy have arrived; for the loan of them, Permit to thank you.
        It will afford me great Pleasure to See you at Head Quarters; And to ensure a good understanding with the Navy. I have the honor to be very respectfully,

                                                                                              A. Jackson,
                                                                                              Majr. Genl. Comg

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