Letter to William Carroll from Andrew Jackson

Pierces Mills near Ft. Montgomery 7. M D.
October 31. 1814


          Advices received from the Adjutant General of your State last night informs that the Secretary of War has ordered the requisition of 5000 into the Field--News from abroad makes promptness and Dispatch necessary. Arms must be obtained from New port Kentucky to meet your troops at Natchez or Baton Rouge. You must use every exertion to arm your troops in Tennessee, Your route over land to Natchez, keeping me advised of the particular time you will be at the Tennessee River, at Browns, & at the Chicasaw Agency; that your route may be changed, or not as circumstances may require. Your best exertions are calculated on, and I know I will not be disappointed in your rapid movement. On it in a great measure may depend, the safety of New Orleans and the adjacent Country--recollect the march we made from the Country--& reallise it, on your march to the enemy--you must have transportation for your Baggage and bread stuff. The Beeves drove on foot. As soon as a Battalion is mustered have them pushed forward across the Tennessee that no delay may take place at the river. In haste I am Respectfully your Most Obd. Servt.

                                                                                              Andrew Jackson
                                                                                              Major Genl Commanding

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