Letter from Mateo Gonzalez Manrique to Andrew Jackson

7 November 1814.

Most Excellent Sir:

         I received by way of Major Peire Your Excellency's of 6th instant in which you explain the motives that have compelled you to approach this town with your troops, and concluding with the request that I surrender the fortresses and military supplies, which in the future may be a matter of friendly negotiation between our two governments.
         As to the hostilities committed by the British troops from this town in breach of our neutrality, it has been without my knowledge or consent. And, although the commanders of the said forces demanded that I turn over the fortresses, I refused and they boarded the few troops they had landed, the Indians they had with them also retiring. This frank exposition is presented in the hopes of satisfying Your Excellency, and making you see that I have never intended to breach the neutrality that exists between our respective nations and that all my actions are directed to this end.
         As for Your Excellency's proposal that I surrender the fortresses, duty prevents me from agreeing to it. Therefore, any bloodshed caused place, Your Excellency's objections having been satisfied with my answer. God keep your Excellency many years,

                                                                                       Mateo Gonzz. Manrique.

Courtesy of the Andrew Jackson Papers

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