Letter to James Monroe from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7 M Dist Mobile
Novr. 21st. 1814


             Since my arrival at this place Colo Sparks of the 2nd Infty has shewn me an order from the Adjutant and Inspector Genls office dated Washington City Octo 1st. 1814 addressed to him, from which I extract the following "Lieut. Willis's resignation was not approved of by the war department. He has complety recovered, and will be placed on the recruiting service in the states with Subalterns appointed And if we can furnish him with a sufficiency of funds he will probably Join your Regt in the Spring with a full company, every thing will be done to fill your Regt with officers and men.
          "You will please to make immediate application to the District paymaster Mr. Pemberton in New Orleans for $20,000 for bounties and premiums $2000 will be sent you for contingencies with recruiting instructions. You are at liberty to send your officers into the States where you think they will be most successfull, I am &c."
           Having been intrusted with and held responsible for the safety of this district, I had made the necessary arrangements for this section of it previous to my departure for New Orleans as contemplated on the 22nd Inst. You will readily see under these circumstances I could not permit subordinate officers to derange my plan of defence by suffering them to take from me my most valuable officers for the recruiting service as authorised by the foregoing order when I am individually accountable for the protection of the District.
          I have been taught to believe from my infancy that all military orders to inferior officers should pass through the superior, to enable the superior to account for the officers under his command, and that any other mode would tend to derange the best plans of the superior without his knowledge or consent & place the most important points of defence under the superintendance of officers unqualified.
         But knowing the importance oif filling the ranks I have ordered Colo Sparks with all the supernumerary officers of the 2nd. Infty on the recruiting service, and subjoin a list of those I have selected to remain with the Regt. for the information of the war department.
         I have placed the second and third Regts with the defence of Forts Charlotte and Bowyer under the command of Colo Arbuckle, with orders to cooperate with the militia for the defence of this section of the country until Genl Winchester shall arrive.
         I trust sir in future that all orders will be promulgated through me to inferior officers of my district. If I am deemed incompetent to the selection of officers for special commands I am certainly inadequate to the defence of the district assigned me--and whenever my government shall entertain such an opinion of me, she will no longer find me disposed to continue my services. I have the honor to be very respectfully yr obedt. servt.

                                                                                                  Andrew Jackson M. G. C.

List of officers retained for command in the 2nd. Infty

Majrs Hughes                                                            Lieuts Villard
  "      Lawrence                                                                   Dogget
Capts Chamberlain                                                               Sturgis
          Bradley                                                                      Clark
          Brownlow                                                                  T R Sanders
          Ware                                                                 "       Brooks
                                                                                   "       Thomas
                                                                                   "       Smith
                                                                                   "       Gildart
                                                                                   "       Davis
                                                                                           R G. Sanders
                                                                                           C. Sanders

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