Letter to Mateo Gonzalez Manrique from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters Camp near Pensacola
November 6th. 1814.


             The various violations of that neutrality which under existing Treaties should have been faithfully maintained by you towards  the United States; our declared Enemy the British having been permitted to take possession of your Fortifications, and to fit out expeditions against us: your having given an asylum to the savages hostile to the United States, feeding them and arming them to war against us, have compelled me to approach your City.
            I came not as the Enemy of Spain: but I came with a force sufficient to prevent a repetition of those acts so injurious to the United States, and so inconsistant with the neutral character of Spain. To effect this object is my determination.
           I therefore demand possession of the Barancas and other fortifications, with all the munitions of War. If delivered peaceably, the whole will be receipted for, and become the subject of future peaceable arrangements between our Goverments, and the property, religion and Laws of your Citizens shall be respected.
          If not delivered peaceably, let the blood of your subjects be upon you own head. I will not hold myself responsible for the conduct of my enraged soldiers and warriors.
         I give you one hour for deliberation. The bearer hereof Major H. D. Peire of the 44. U. States Infantry awaits your determination. I have the honor to be with profound respect, your Excellencys most obedient Servt.

                                                                                        Andrew Jackson
                                                                                        Majr. Genl. Commanding--

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