Letter to Rachel Jackson from Andrew Jackson

Head quarters 7th M, District Tensaw
Novbr. 15th. 1814

My Love

          On my return march from Pensacola, I had the pleasure of receiving your affectionate letters of the 25th & 30th. of October--I also recd. answer from Captain R. Rapier, advising me that he could give you a passage in his new Boat to Neworleans (to which place I will set out in a few days), as soon as she was finished, which would be early in Decbr. It is my wishes that you Join me at that point, as Early as possible--I shall endeavor in a day or two to send on some of my young friends to accompany you to New orleans.
         I flatter myself, that we have given the British such an alarm at Pensacola, that they will dread an approach on this quarter--They were in the fort when we reached it and fired on our flag as it approached as the Spanish officers state by the order of Colo. Nicholls who on the night of the 6th. abandoned the Fort with his marines and left his friends the Spaniards to Shift for themselves--on the 7th. we stormed the Town of Pensacola, enterg it on the East side, where we had Fort St George, on our right, and seven British armed vessels on our left, with strong Block houses defended with artilery, and batteries in the streets in our front, the unshaken firmness of our columns, marched forward without halting, bearing down all before them, and soon silenced, the Batteries & musquetry--The regular forces entering the main street had the strong Batteries of the enemy to storm, in doing which Capt Laval who commanded the leading company got severely if not mortally wounded  by a grape shot thro the thigh--and young Mr. Florougnoy acting under my order as 3rd. Lt. to Capt Wm O Butlers company his leg broke above the ankle--is doing well & will soon recover--there never was more universal cool deliberate bravery displayed, by any set of troops than by those I had the honor to command and stormed Pensacola with on the 7th. instant--on the 8th. I was preparing to march to storm Barancas, when I heard several explosions in that direction, detached 200 men with one of my aids, who returned in the night with the information that the Forts was Blown up all combustible matter consumed, the cannon spiked and dismounted except two, and the Village adjoining Burnt--This was done by the British with the consent of the Spaniards--finding this to be the case I determined to withdraw my Troops, having effected the object of the campaign--by driving the British from the shores & harbour, convincing the Indians that there was no safety in British protection, and the only assylum the had or could obtain was in the friendship of the U state--Our conduct has obtained from our enemy tribute of Just respect It is said that Colo Nicholls, exclaimed from the shipping that he never beheld such oder and determined bravery and the universal good conduct of our troops whilst in Pensacola, has inspired the Spaniards with the highes confidence in the americans, and the citizens exclaimed that the choctaws were more civilized than the British--before I set out from here I was taken verry ill, the Doctor gave me a dose of Jallap & calamel, which salavated me, and there was Eight days on the march that I never broke bread--my health is restored but I am still verry weak--my little friend Jackey Donelson son of Saml is verry low, I hope he may recover--I have had him in my tent for several days, this day I will send him with sufficient attendance to a comfortable place--with a Phician to attend him, Doctor Harney has been verry attentive to him--every attention will be paid him
           I shall send some of my friends on in a few days to attend you to Neworleans, in the mean ti you will be making the necessary prepara recollect that Beacon, flower and Vegetables much to our good lving, and oeconomy--The farm I hope will produce in abundance--Transportation can be obtained I hope will down with you--I am happy to hear you age is done, horses I will obtain, if you sho be able to get a pair before you leave home happy you will have the agreable company of the ladies you have named--and to whom present my compliments wishing you a pleasant and speedy trip to new leans, I wish you to send & get my cloathing from Mr Joel Childress Murphysborough and bring them down with you--and also a my Buff waist coats and overalls--I have Just recd a letter from Mr Childress advising me the cloathing is to hand--I shall write you by the gentleman I send on for you--god bless you adieu--your affectionate Husband

                                                                                        Andrew Jackson

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