Letter to Willie Blount from Andrew Jackson

Head quarters 7th. M District Tensaw
Novbr 14th. 1814


            On last evening I returned from Pensacola to this place--I reached that point on the evening of the 6th. on my approach sent Major Peire with a flag to communicate they object of my vissit to the Governor, of Pensacola--he approached Fort St George with his flag displayed, and was fired on by the cannon from the fort--he returned and made report thereof to me--I immediately went with the adjutant General & the Major with a small escort, and viewed the Fort, and found it defended by both british and spanish troops--I immediately determined to storm the Town retired and encamped my troops for the night and made the necessary arrangements to carry my determination into effect the next day--on the morning of the 7th. I marched with the effective regulars of the 3rd. 39. & 44 Infantry, part of Genl Coffees Brigade, the Mississippi dragoons, and part of the west Tennessee regt. commanded by Lt Colo Hammonds (Colo Lowry having deserted and gone me) and part of the choctaws lead by Major Blue of the 39th. and Major Kennedy of the M. Territory--being encamped on the west of the Town I calculated they would expect the assault from that quarter, and be prepared to rake me from the Fort, and the British armed vessels seven in no. that lay in the bay--To cherish this Idea I sent out part of the mounted men to shew themselves on the west whilst I passed in rear of the Fort undiscovered to the East of the Town, when I approached within a mile I was in full view, my pride was never more heightened, than viewing the uniform firmness of my Troops, and with what undaunted courage the advanced, with a strong fort ready to assail them on the right seven British armed vessels on the left, strong Blockhouses, and batteries of cannon in their Front, but the still advanced with unshaken firmness, entered the Town, when a battery of two cannon was opened upon the centre column composed of the regulars with ball & grape and with a shower of musquetry from the houses and gardens, the battery was immediately stormed by Capt Lavall & company & carried, and the musquetry was soon silenced by the steady & well directed fire of the regulars--The Governor met Colo. Williamson and Smith who led the dismounted volunteers with a flag, beged for mercy, and surrendered the Town & Fort unconditionally, mercy was granted and protection givn to the citizens & their property--and still Spanih Treachery kept us out of Possession of the t untill nearly twelve oclock at night--never was more cool determined bravery displayed by any set of troop and the choctaws, advanced to the charge with equal bravery, on the morning of the eight I prepared to march and storm the Barancas, but before I could move, the tremendous explosions, told me that the Barancas with all its appendages was blown up, I dispatched a detachment of two hundred men to explore it, who returned in the night with the information that it was blown up, all the combustible parts burnt--the cannon spiked & dismounted except two--This being the case I determined to withdraw my troops, but before I did I had the pleasure to see the British depart--
        Colo. Nicholls, abandoned the Fort on the night of the 6th. and betook himself to his shipping with his friend Capt Woodbine and their red friends The steady firmness of my Troops has drew a Just respect from our enemies--It has convinced the redsticks, that they have no strong hold or protection only in the friendship of the united states--The good order and conduct of my troops whilst in Pensacola, has convinced the spaniards of our friendship, and our prowess, and has drew from the citizens an expression, that our choctaws are more civilized than the British--In great Haste I am sir respectfully, yr mo. ob. serv.

                                                                                                                   Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                                   Major Genl Comdg.

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