Report to Sec'y of War Monroe from Point Lookout

November 7, 1814

Point Lookout Monday noon 7 Nov 1814

In my letter of 3d Inst. I omitted a sloop of war mounting twenty guns, which came up the Bay, with the squadron reported, and proceeded so far above St. Georges Island, during the preceding night, as to obscure her completely from my view at this place.

On Friday a Tender left the Island & stood down the Bay, and in the evening of yesterday two Tenders came up the Bay, and joined the fleet off the Island, which is now comprised of the following vessels (lists)……

The most wanton, and unprovoked destruction of private property, that has recently occurred in the lower end of this County, was committed at Priest Ransaw's in the neighborhood of St. Inigoes, on Tuesday last.  A marauding party of fifteen men belonging to a Brig off St. Georges Island, (supposed the Jasseur under Capt. Watts) robbed him of all his household furniture, as well as his wearing apparel including his watch etc. Such articles as they could not conveniently carry off, and by which they could not be benefited, was destroyed in the most shameful manner: amongst which was an Altar, that after they completely pillaged of its ornaments, they also destroyed—

The enemy has been in the vicinity of St. Georges for the last four days; the particulars of his movements, and the injury sustained by the inhabitants, I have not ascertained.

Colo. Minor left the Factory Yesterday for St. Georges, with about 250 men, whom I hope will be enabled to give a good account of these Pirates I understand by information from St. George's that Commr. Barry is the officer commanding the fleet at that place. A repetition of his conduct which has lately been experienced by the inhabitants of Hampton may consequently be expected.

 I have the honor Sir, to be very Respectfully yrs.
Thomas Swann

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