Admiral Cockburn orders continued total embargo on the Chesapeake Bay

December 13, 1814


You are hereby required and directed to take under your Orders His Majesty's Ships and Vessels named in the margin, and therewith to use every Effort and Exertion to maintain in the most strict and rigid manner possible the Blockade of the Chesapeake, and of all the Havens, Bays, Rivers, Creeks and Inlets therein situated; also to interrupt and to prevent (as far as may be possible,) the Communications by Water which the Enemy by means of small Vessels occasionally endeavors to renew and keep up between different Towns and Places in the Upper Parts of the said Bay.

…you are to understand that you are not to consider yourself at liberty to negotiate or carry into effect any Exchange for Prisoners of War, but that all you may make are to be sent into Port by each opportunity as they offer, for the purpose of being forwarded from thence to Europe (to prison). 

…You are to open any Official Letters which may be sent from the Enemy’s Shore directed for me, and you will send such immediate Answer to those which are not of consequence as they may seem to require, but should they contain requests or proposals of any Importance, or on Points which appear doubtful and on which you have not been Instructed, the Receipt of them is only to be acknowledged by you, with an Assurance of referring them to me with the least possible delay, which you will of Course do, when and in such manner as least inconvenient to the Service and the Importance of the circumstance may require.

 Given on board the Albion in the Chesapeake the 13th December 1814
(Signed) G Cockburn Rear Adml.

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