Extract of a letter from Col. R. Butler, adjutant general

Extract of a letter from Col. R. Butler, adjutant general, dated Camp 6 miles below N. Orleans, Dec. 30, 1814.

“I am here surrounded with the din of war-artillery and small arms alternately playing. On the 23d at night we attacked the enemy; and as reported by deserters, we killed, wounded and took prisoners about 500. Our loss comparatively small.
Cols. Lauderdale and Henderson have both bit the dust, and are no more. The latter on the 28th inst. at which time the enemy advanced on us, with a view to storm our works; but they found us too strong to attempt it. We opened our artillery, and a deserter says we killed 140 men that day-among them Sir Beverly Evanson of the 85th. We cannot estimate their force as yet correctly-we are in fine spirits, and have no doubt of drubbing the rascals.”


Published in the Maryland Gazette-February 2, 1815.

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