Extract of a letter to the Post Master General

Extract of a letter to the Post Master General dated,

New-Orleans, Dec. 23, mid night,
Intelligence has just been received of the British having landed (force variously stated, the extent not more, probably, than 6,000) about 8 miles below town, whither general Jackson hurried off with troops to meet them. An engagement took place last evening between the advance guard, in which the enemy was repulsed-fifty of their men, & two major, have been brought in prisoners. A more general action is expected to-day. The general has since taken an advantageous position about three miles in rear, where he is entrenching himself. The enemy effected their landing upon major general Villary’s plantation by way of the bayou back of it, issuing into lake Borgne. Some of the prisoners state they belonged to the 98th regt. and were from Portsmouth. They report their force variously, from seven to fifteen thousand men. This is doubtless exaggeration, probably its amount not more than six thousand.
The last report from the army is, that the British had disappeared from the battle ground, and were making, as was conjectured, for Terre aux Boeuf, in which event they would probably lose their boats.


Published in the Maryland Gazette-January 26, 1815.


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