General Orders to Jacques Philippe Villere from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters New Orleans
Decr. 19th 1814

     Major General Villere will without delay obstruct the passage from the Lakes Borgne Ponchartrain & Maurepas to the Mississippi, and station at every important point a guard or point of observation, & report regularly to Head Quarters every occurence of importance--The Major General is authorized to make such requisitions upon the Inhabitants within his District for negroes, Horses, Oxen, Carts &c. as he may deem necessary & to enroll & receive into the service of the United States, upon the same footing with the Militia now in service all the Indians within his District & upon their enrollment will deliver to them one Blanket & two shirts the value thereof to be deducted from their pay--to ensure the completion of the above order Major General Villere will make return for such arms ammunition and provisions as he may deem necessary

                                                                                                        (signed) Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                        Major Genl. Commanding

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