Letter from Edward Livingston to Nicholas Girod

Head Quarters
29th. Decr: 1814
camp 14 miles below N O


           The General desires me to request that you would immediately on rect. of this, send a proper civil Officer or Officers, upon whom you can depend, to make search at the same time in every house and Store in the City, for muskets, Bayonets, Cartridge Boxes, Spades, shovels, pick axes, and hoes, which must be taken for the public service, and receipts given for the same, except such as are in the hands of persons serving in any of the militia or volunteer corps.
          Having been informed also that a number of young men capable of bearing arms have remained in the City under pretext of an enrollment in the Corps of volunteers or otherwise; The General desires that at the time the search is made for Arms, the officers require the names, and age, of every person under fifty, in such house in the City  who are now there not in service--And the name of every person under fifty years of age who is enrolled in the fire Companies or Veterans that a proper order may be taken with respect to them, unless they immediately repair to Camp and enroll themselves in some of the volunteer Corps there.
        The General desires me to add, Sir, that he has the highest confidence in your zeal and attention, & has no doubt that this important order will be executed with promptitude and secrecy and that a report every 12 hours will be made to him of your progress
        I have the honor &c.

                                                                                           E. Livingston aid de Camp

In the search should any artillery men, or Seamen be discovered they must be kept in view
                                                                                                        E L

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