Letter from John Coffee to Andrew Jackson

Camp at mouth of Sandy Creek,
four Oclock A.M. 17th. Decr. 1814

Dear Genl,

         Your orders through your Adjt. Genl. by express per Captain Gordon, was handed me, about eight Oclock last evening, one of my Regiments was absent 4 miles foraging (never as yet being able to procure that article here) my orders were sent immediately, and by exertion shall move my command this morning at sun rise, no time will be lost be me untill I reach New Orleans. I think we will reach you in four days, say by the evening of the 20th. Instant.
        My arms are in bad condition, and now I have no time to examine into their state, but I know we have from 2 to 4 hundred that are not good--if I could be furnished with muskets, and Cartridge Boxes to that amount I should be glad, it would be well to have the Boxes filled with cartridges before my arrival, all my powder has been destroyed by the rains on the march to this place, furnish us with the best rifle powder that can be had.
       My command are in fine spirits, and if we can reach you before Lord Hill arrives, we will give him a warm reception--
        Any supplies of arms and amunition that I am to receive from you, would be well to be forwarded to some point above Orleans, and recd. before we enter the town--
        I have dispatched an express to Genl. Carroll, have not heard of him since Col Hynes passed me--have also sent for Major Hyds Dragoons--every thing here is in motion.
        have two large Barges here, and my quarter master will some how or other, fill them with corn, say 2000, bushels and meet me at orleans--I have the honor to be with great respect your obt. Servt.
                                                                                             Jno. Coffee
                                                                                             Brigr. Genl.

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